EBC Gradschool: Seminar series

Seminar series spring 2015

Tuesday , Jan 20,  2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Mike Ritchie (University of St. Andrews U.K)
Title: Using transcriptomics to examine behavioural evolution
Host: Jochen Wolf

Tuesday , Feb 3, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Sander van Doorn (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
Title: The genetic architecture of sexual conflict: consequences for sex-determination and intersexual arms races
Host: Claus Rüffler

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Stephen Wright (University of Toronto, Canada)
Title: Adaptation and constraint on plant genomes
Host: Amandine Cornille

Tuesday , Feb 17, 2pm, Lindahlsalen (organised jointly with Dept. Animal Ecology)
Speaker: Tobias Lenz (MPI Evolutionsbiologie, Plön, Germany)
Title: Evolutionary genetics of the adaptive immune system
Host: Yvonne Meyer-Lucht

Tuesday , Mar 3, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Nicola Nadeau (University of Sheffield, U.K.)
Title: The genetics of parallel colour and pattern evolution in mimetic Heliconius butterflies
Host: Taki Kawakami

Tuesday , Mar 17, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Karl Schmid (University of Hohenheim, Germany)
Title: Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of wild barley adaptation to different environment.
Host: Torsten Günther

Tuesday , Mar 31, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Mikkel Schierup (Aarhus University, Denmark)
Title: Evolution of the X chromosome and speciation in great apes
Host: Per Sjödin

Tuesday , Apr 14, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Timo Vanderniet (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands)
Title: Do gene flow patterns render reproductive isolation irrelevant in plant speciation? A critical evaluation of a neglected key component
Host: Judith Trunschke

Tuesday , Apr 28, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Oded Rechavi (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Title: RNA-mediated inheritance of memories
Host: Berrit Kiel

Tuesday , May 12, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Nicolas Galtier (University of Montpellier, France)
Title: Population genomics of non-model animals
Host: Sylvain Glémin

Tuesday , May 26, 2pm, Lindahlsalen
Speaker: Aneil Agrawal (University of Toronto, Canada)
Title: Coalescence with linked selection in systems with bi- and uniparental reproduction
Host: Göran Arnqvist