Students at the EBC Graduate School on Genomes and Phenotypes can apply for scholarships to fund research activities, such as, but not limited to, attending courses, workshops and conferences or for more extended study/research visits* personally arranged (these visits may be taken either during or as a break from your current PhD studies (tjänstledighet)). The Graduate School will not fund your research project or 'traktamente'. The purpose of the funding should be in line with the focus of the Graduate School. Applications will be considered year-round. A short report should be sent to the Graduate School’s Director of Studies after completion of the activity.

The application, written in English, should include:

A description of the activity and its importance for your research (max one page)

*In the case of study or research visits, it is particularly important to provide a clear motivation for the visit, together with a letter of support from the host researcher with a description of the kind of training you will receive, and a letter from your supervisor outlining the nature of the relationship between themselves and your potential host within the context of you PhD project. Applications for co-operation visits within the framework of running PhD related projects are discouraged.

Note that we encourage applicants to also apply for funding from other agencies. In your application, indicate if you have applied for funding for the same purpose from other funding agencies, and the outcome or status of the application. We will view efforts to secure funding from other funding bodies favourably (ScholarshipHandbook.pdffunding_options_students.pdf). Active participation of the graduate school, like attendance in the seminar series (> 50%) or the organization of workshop, etc. is a prerequisite.


After completion of the activity, send me a 1-2 page report. It should include a short description of what has been done during the course/workshop and what in particular has been useful to you.

Applications and reports should be sent to:

(Hard copy preferred)

Jochen Wolf
Dept. Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary Biology Centre
Uppsala University
Norbyvägen 18D
752 36 Uppsala