The EBC graduate school on Genomes and Phenotypes

The genomics of phenotypic diversity in natural populations

Welcome to the EBC graduate school for research training on Genomes and Phenotypes! The aim of the school is to strengthen the education of future leaders in this rapidly growing field, where knowledge on the genome and its function is connected to the understanding of the evolution of biodiversity. As located at a world-leading centre in evolutionary biology, the EBC research school focuses on education programs on animals, plants as well as microorganisms, with a common theme of understanding the genomics of phenotypic diversity in natural populations.

One important part of the school is to encourage and promote interactions among PhD students at EBC working in the interphase of genomics and evolutionary biology. However, activities arranged by the school are open also to students from other universities and we do welcome applications from both national and international students to courses arranged at EBC.

Genomics has a major impact on most fields of biology. However, perhaps the most exciting future possibilities lay in creating a synthesis of how biological diversity evolves at the molecular and phenotypic levels in nature. We therefore look forward to see you at the EBC research school on Genomes and Phenotypes. To apply to the school or to get further information, please use the links on the menu to the left.