Per Ahlberg

Our research programme focuses on the large-scale morphological evolution of vertebrates, combining data from palaeontology, comparative anatomy and developmental genetics to investigate phylogenetic interrelationships and morphological transformations.

We are particularly interested in reconstructing sequences of character acquisition, which show us how morphologies have been "assembled" over evolutionary time, and in exploring the relationship between gene expression cascades and the morphologies that they generate. The overall aim is, where possible, to understand a particular evolutionary transformation in terms both of a detailed sequence of morphological evolutionary steps and of the stepwise assembly of the underlying molecular patterning. This allows us to begin approaching the generation of morphological novelty (as distinct from the action of selection upon morphological novelty) from a mechanistic perspective.

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Research Groups

Per Ahlberg
Jan Andersson
Siv Andersson
Göran Arnqvist
Sandra Baldauf
Henning Blom
Hans Ellegren
Lina Emilsson
Thijs Ettema
Urban Friberg
Jacob Höglund
Simone Immler
Mattias Jakobsson
Hanna Johannesson
Sophie Karrenberg
Lisa Klasson
Ulf Lagercrantz
Martin Lascoux
Johan Ledin
Alexei Maklakov
Anna Qvarnström
Nina Sletvold
Tanja Slotte
Jochen Wolf
Jon Ågren

Visiting Researchers:

John McKay

Ben Sheldon